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Vine has become one of the largest and most popular social networks within the last year. If you want to build a strong customer base, you need to get more Vine followers. Vine allows companies to promote their products or services by posting 6 second video clips. This allows companies to advertise for free. Building your brand through social media has never been easier since the creation of Vine. If your company is looking to increase their customer base through social media, you need to buy Vine followers to gain maximum exposure.

Would you like to get more Vine followers Social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Vine have three echelons of users. At the bottom, there is a group of casual users. These users have their friends as followers, and follow their friends and a few celebrities. In the middle echelon of Vine users, there are those with thousands of followers. These users are usually gorgeous models or those who've had a hit video go viral.

The upper echelon of Vine users consists of users with tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of followers. These super popular users practically run Vine. Not only are the videos of these popular users held in a brighter light, but those that don't follow them are likely to do so just to see what the hype is about. When someone on Vine has so many followers, other popular users (including celebrities) will check the Vine user's page to see why they're so popular.

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